Easy time and task management

Adaptable use

Single user or team. With multiple or no vehicles. Access configuration with managers and users.

Fully responsive

Use on browser via phone, tablet or computer. App available for phone and tablet. Vehicle tracking available via app.

Flexible pricing

Free version or 30 day trial with per user pricing

Exclusive Features

Exclusive Features
Workday logger

One click start-stop to begin and end workday. Pause work time at breaks.

Task management

Add task to calendar and distribute to workers or vehicles.

Vehicle tracking and maps

Show vehicles on map and get distance related to tasks and projects.

Statistics and reports

Versatile reporting for tasks, products, worker time and vehicle distance.

Product inventory

Use optional product inventory to keep track of current product stock.

Customers and projects

Associate tasks with customers and projects for invoicing and reports


Trolle is now available in a prolonged trial. Just download the app or register at to try all the features today.



Here are the most popular questions about the Trolle app. If you have other question please send us an e-mail to

Just visit and register your new account today. We currently have an ongoing early access period. There is no monthly fee during the early access period.

Trolle is mainly attended for companies that have employees with field work. But anyone that need to log work time or track trips can benefit from Trolle.

The base functionality of Trolle:
  1. On front page users are able to start and stop work day with one-click. Work day can also be stopped during breaks.
  2. Via the planning page managers can add and distribute tasks to specific workers.
  3. Tasks added are available on front page. Users select task they currently work at.
  4. Products can be added to tasks
  5. Versatile reporting. Get reports by customers, projects and products. Show price, work time and distance.
Location is only tracked and sent to server when a vehicle is selected.


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